Tim & Vanessa Lorentzen Family!

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Treasure Ann pages

Vanessa's Holiday 2009 letter

Old Hat CD here

Family picture 4-12-09

The family - December 2012

Hanz Byron Lorentzen - 11/12/08

Hanz with grandma! Hanz with Auntie Jazmyn

Two girls in a wagon
Double Daffodils
Starlit & Jazmyn 4-6-08
Hollis & Jenny Wedding Pictures!

Vanya Rose Lorentzen - 07/12/07

Family band has new name!

Music Pictures
Photo Links Page
My Tribute to Vanessa!

Obedience is everything!

For an incredible (but true) story of the power of encouragement click here!

Current news! - check here for the latest in our lives!  I will enter news on at least a weekly basis and then save the previous months news to a separate page that you can view.

You can e-mail Vanessa or Tim here.