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 Obedience is the key to living a fulfilled life in Christ!

Sometime back I was lecturing my oldest son Hollis, along the line of "It’s very simple Hollis. If you don’t want to be disciplined just obey! It’s very simple! Simple obedience is all it takes. If you obey I can promise you will never be disciplined again." As happens to me quite often, my Heavenly Father choose to use that little illustration as a teaching tool for me because I suddenly could almost hear Him saying to me "It’s very simple Tim. If you …." I think you get the point! This has become clearer and clearer to me as I have begun to understand that the attribute God most cherishes in His children is obedience. The world (and the church) is full of talented, gifted individuals, but what good are they if they are not obedient! If we are listening (and as a side point may I point out that if we are not listening we can’t hear and thus can't obey!) then we need to be willing and obey what He tells us.

As we are being trained, we can liken it to training a horse. When training a horse it is quite common to ride in circles, do figure 8’s, stand still, back up and mount/dismount quite often. Do any of these things result in going anywhere? Not at first! They are simply tools to train the horse to obey the rider. Quite often you never leave the corral or the yard while doing these exercises. They have nothing to do with going somewhere but everything to do with obedience. It is the same with us and our trainer – our Lord. He is not so much interested in our earthly destination as He is in our obedience to His leading. Are you willing to move to Washburn? Good! Now are you willing to stay in Mandan? Excellent! Although He did lead us to move to Washburn, He was much more concerned about our willingness to be obedient.

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Tim Lorentzen