Tim & Vanessa Lorentzen Family!

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January 10th - Well another year is upon us.  I trust that God will have great things in store for all and I know that He does IF we seek His will!  I had an eventful trip to Calgary as weather delayed things and I barely made my connection in Chicago but I did make it and seeing the family and friends in Three Hills was wonderful!  Had to work on the van some but made it back to Bismarck and worked on the van some more.  It is now running really well and the kids and I took a quick trip up to Manitoba to see Anita, Alex and Scott for a short but good visit.  Janice went back into the hospital right after Christmas and is still in the hospital in Bismarck SO Vanessa and the 3 younger kids stayed in ND for a while longer.  Starlit, Jasper and I rode back with Seth and drove straight through leaving Bismarck at 2:00 PM on Saturday and arriving here in Underwood IN at 9:30 AM on Sunday.  Tired after that trip.  Vanessa turns 29 tomorrow (well we better add 20 to that!) but she is not getting older, she is getting better as far as I am concerned.  Please pray for her as she needs strength and wisdom in dealing with the situation in ND.

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