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Updated on November 1, 2002 - 21 years of marriage and 6 years since I wrote this!  Wow, God has surely blessed me with a wonderful partner and a son since then!  What a deal!

What can I say about my wife?  Words can not begin to express my feelings for her - Love for sure - friend (the best!) - lover (since this is a family oriented web site I plead the 5th!) - mother extraordinaire - interior decorator - teacher - manager - the list could go on and on.  However the single most important attribute that she possesses is obedience!  Now before you fly off the handle just listen, obedience to God, not to me.  You see it was her obedience to God 16 years ago that brought me to know Him!   I literally owe my life to her.  She has been God's gift to me through the years and I thank Him with all my heart!

We just celebrated our 15th anniversary and what a wonderful 15 years it has been!   Has it been perfect?  NO! but then nothing here on earth is.  I can say for sure it has been great!  We have been through ups and downs, moved many miles, started several businesses, had 4 children and been lead by God's sure hand through it all.  It was Vanessa who led out in our decision to home school (as she was the one who would be shouldering most of the load!) and I prayerfully (although a bit apprehensively) supported her and have excitedly watched and helped as this step of faith and obedience has paid rich rewards!  We prayerfully considered the option of having this last baby at home and she was willing to be obedient to Gods leading and do it!

God tells us in His word in Proverbs 18:22  He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the LORD.  I can say a resounding AMEN to that!   God has truly shown me favor and blessed my house because of His servant Vanessa.   She has been willing to research things that He prompts her to, such as the issue of observing a day that He set aside to be observed as an honor to Him (I am speaking of observing the Sabbath - the 7th day of the week) and coming alongside His chosen people Israel in these last days and holding them up in prayer.  These are issues that not everyone who claims to follow Him are willing to accept and yet inspite of the opinions of people we have chosen to follow His leading out of not only love for Him, but simple obedience.

As we continue our marriage partnership for as long as the Lord allows, I continue to look forward eagerly to what He has in store for us.  Whatever it is I know that I will have a willing helpmate as together we follow His leading in our lives!

Vanessa, I LOVE YOU!  You are the best part of my life here on earth and a blessing that never ends!


Your loving husband,


Tim Lorentzen