Tim & Vanessa Lorentzen Family!

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October 3rd - We went on a trip to Three Hills with Ross & Janice. It was a good trip although quite cool weather.  My sister Anita got married and we saw gramma Blanche (who is 94) all of my brothers and sisters, Oz & Delynnes baby, Don & Vals baby and generally had a great time!  Gas prices were $1.05 a liter which works out to right around $3.45 a US dollar for US gallon.  We were gone from Thursday the 22nd until Friday the 30th.  Jasper, Starlit and I played for the ND Foster Parents on the 1st and we enjoyed beautiful weather here over the weekend.  It hit 90+ on Saturday and was nice Sunday too.  We went to the zoo on Sunday and took a drive along the river to see the foliage.

Anita and Scott Older brothers singing Jaz & Zion in the pool in Three Hills

October 10th - Snow!  And lots of it.  Actually had roads closed and the whole deal.  Of course that was just a few days after the 90's that we had.  Gotta love North Dakota!  The monthly Bluegrass jam was this Sunday and we had a great time wearing the fingers out.  Jazmyn is almost walking and sure loves music.  Zion is doing really well with his violin and is enjoying school.  He is quite interested in all sorts of bugs and animals.  Starlit is in an orchestra so is continuing to expand her musical horizons.  Jasper has been taking to playing rhythm guitar very well and we are having fun practicing and working songs up.

October 17th - Zion lost his first tooth!  He did not want to lose it but it happened anyway.  While we were getting our teeth cleaned (oh yeah - Starlit gets braces next month $$$) and a lady at the clinic told him he would get money from the tooth fairy. He told her God did not make any tooth fairies and when she tried to press her point he asked her if she had ever seen one!  I was cracking up inside but did not say a word!  We have been having really nice weather and gas is at $2.70 - I am driving an oil burning (and I mean severe) 93 Geo that I bought from my partner Jim and when I filled it up had made 41.5 MPG so that makes running to work cheaper.  Jazmyn talks all the time, of course we don't know what she is saying, and she has started to take steps on her own.

October 24th - Darcy had a baby girl on Saturday afternoon - no name yet.  The quartet had a farewell concert Sunday in Washburn and that went well.  We started work on finishing the bedroom in the basement so plenty of work to be done!  The weather has been holding fairly nice.  Got the snowmobiles ready to go and have a snow blower so I am thinking that the chances of snow just went down considerably!  Gas prices have fallen and are down to $2.45 here and $2.20 in Fargo.  Diesel is actually up to $3.30 which is not a good thing.  We built a temporary shelter (tabernacle - Sukkoth) in the back yard with some tarps and have had many meals out there this past week to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles.  Makes me very grateful to have a nice warm home to go into!  God is sure good.  Jazmyn can walk 2 or 3 steps.  Zion has another loose tooth.

October 31st - What a ridiculous thing to celebrate this thing they call Halloween.  Zion has sure struggled with it (mainly because of course he loves candy and why wouldn't he love candy!  He is a 6 year old boy) and I am just glad that we live in a pretty quiet neighborhood.  The weather has been very nice and gas is down (way up actually when you compare it to a year ago) to $2.37.  We have been doing some work on the house - putting in an Egress window and getting ready to finish off the bedroom in the basement that Hollis has been using.  A lot (and I mean a LOT!) of work but it will sure add to the house when it is done.