Tim & Vanessa Lorentzen Family!

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May 1st - Did not have much April showers but today it is raining nicely.  It has been cool lately.  Jasper has been working quite a bit for our neighbor.  Grandpa Lorentz and Grandma Lou arrived Saturday evening.  Zion asked when they were leaving and that seemed a bit odd to me so grandma said not for a few days.  Oh he said, can't you stay forever?  We are planning to go down to Deadwood for Aunt Mavis's wedding this weekend.  Jasper is going to the National Science Olympiad, the details have not been totally worked out yet.  Starlit has been in the Dakota Youth Symphony and they had their spring concert yesterday.  Very nicely done.

May 8th - The trip to South Dakota was fun, long, short and tiring!  That must be what traveling with Jazmyn will be like for a while.  She is sure an energetic and friendly little gal!  Hollis had to work so did not go.  The weather was nice although windy and not much road construction.  The wedding was outdoors and was short.  Starlit and I played some music.  Grace & Pearl came down and we met them down at Mount Rushmore Saturday morning.

May 15th - The weather has been cool with some rain.  I spent 4 days in Minot at the Cloverdale plant as we installed new box label printer systems up there.  Jasper has been working quite a bit with the neighbor doing yard work.  We had our first outdoor jam on Sunday and it was a bit cool but we had fun.  Went to the zoo on Saturday and Jazmyn sure had fun!  Of course Zion could practically live there he likes it so much.

May 22nd - Wow!  Jasper and I left Wednesday evening at 8:00 on a 28 passenger bus and headed for the National Science Olympiad in Bloomington Indiana.  It was a 20 hour trip there and we were there for 2 days and left about 10:30 Saturday night and rode the bus back home arriving in Bismarck about 8:00 Sunday evening.  The junior and senior high teams both came in 40th out of 60 teams.  The senior high team was the first ever home school team to to to the National competition.  Jasper was in 2 events and he and partner Joey Liffrig were 17th in Remote Sensing.  He and partner Elijah Fix did not fare as well coming in 53rd in Compute This.  We had cool weather there but some heat here in Bismarck.

May 30th - Had a GREAT time celebrating mom & dad's 50th up in Three Hills on Sunday.  Saw many people I had not seen in a long time.  Hollis was not able to make the trip but other than that all 7 kids, spouses and grand children were there.  Made some really decent mileage (18.8 - went 712 miles from Three Hills to Minot before filling up) on the way home with a nice tail wind.  The weather was cool up there and some rain.