Tim & Vanessa Lorentzen Family!

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March 5th - More snow and then a lot of melting but we sure need the moisture.  Celebrated Purim (the story of Esther) what a wonderful story of Gods saving ways as he once again rescued His people from the enemies plans to destroy them.  Jasper and Jazmyn were sick but are feeling better now.  We sang and played at a really nice restaurant in downtown Bismarck, the Pirogue Grille for a benefit on Sunday evening.

March 12th - No snow! Just a lot on nice weather as it melts away.  Jaidra's wedding is history.  Mike & Becky and family came down and so did Grandpa Lorentz and Grandma Lou.  Don & Val also so it was good to see them all.  Mike & Becky left Sunday night but Grandma & Grandpa are staying for a few days.  Flu, cold and general sickness has been plaguing us so please continue to pray for Vanessa and the babies health.

March 19th - Had a little snow but nothing to cause any concern.  Worked Grandpa Lorentz pretty good while he was here and we got some serious accomplishments!  Put the whirlpool tub that had been in the house when we bought it (but out in the room we turned into a family room - had been a room with a hospital bed and this whirlpool tub) in where our old tub was in the upstairs bathroom.   Unbelievable job but it is in!  Now I am working on trim and finishing it off.  We sang twice this past weekend and in spite of colds had a good time.  Please continue to lift us up in prayers health wise as this crud seems to just hang on.

March 26th - Wow!  Really nice weather, 76 on Sunday so we got some yard work done.  Also had the 3rd annual Heritage of Acoustic Music at the Heritage Center on Saturday so played a lot of music that day.  Jazmyn and Zion are loving the yard.  On Thursday I made a rapid trip to Fargo to deliver 370 pounds of sausage for a benefit breakfast.  Drove the Geo so that was NOT a fun trip.  It does run cheap though.