Tim & Vanessa Lorentzen Family!

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June 5th - OK so here is an update on the last 2 weeks!  We left Saturday May 27 and drove to Three Hills - my brother David fell off a basement wall and broke his wrist that evening before we got there.  My brother Mike and I sang in church Sunday morning.   I helped work on my parents house for 4 days and on Friday went to see David and family.  He is feeling better.  Then on Saturday June 3rd it was the 19th annual Cruise Night in Three Hills!  There were a lot (probably 1000) of cars and trucks there and there was one 1965 Galaxie that came from North Dakota (OK so it is mine - check it out here ) that won the peoples choice award!  I was quite unprepared for that but it was great!  Drove home yesterday (Sunday the 4th) and now it is back to the old grind!

June 12th - we went to the South Dakota Home school convention this past Friday & Saturday in Spearfish.  Then on Sunday there was the local car show in Mandan that we put the Galaxie in and just generally went and enjoyed.  Ross & Janice left on Friday to go down to Indiana to bring gramma Grace up to stay for a while.  John & Madison left on Wednesday to take 2 vans up to Alaska for my uncle Les.  My mom & dad are also taking 2 up.

June 19th - Happy Father's Day Dad!  We have been having rain!  So far it has been quite a wet spring and summer.  Ross & Janice drove down to Indiana and brought gramma Grace up for the summer.  John & Darcy fixed up a room in their house for her.  She likes it!  John & Madison came into Minot on the train Saturday morning and Jasper & I went to pick them up.  They had a good but tiring trip.  

June 29th - So now Gramma has moved back to North Dakota permanently!  I took her back to Indiana (leaving on Saturday morning and getting home last night) and towed her car back and brought all her stuff.  A 2500 mile round trip so it was a long one!  Zion is walking like crazy now and really testing the boundaries we have set for him.