Tim & Vanessa Lorentzen Family!

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September 4th - Well, another summer is gone!  The good news is that David is home!  He is still sore of course and has a long way to go but is doing much better!  His appetite has come back and he is on the mend!  We did not do anything over the long weekend as far as camping or boating.  We had some nasty storms almost every night and spent a lot of time cleaning my office and moving!  I am now a consultant with TestNet and working on my own I guess.  Not sure what God has in mind.  I have put out a couple of resumes.  Your prayers concerning this matter are appreciated.

September 16th - No news for 2 weeks - sorry.  A lot has happened what with music lessons starting and Vanessa has her first students!  Also a bit of sorrow in that a good friend of ours was killed in a strange farming accident.  Please pray for her family she was 45 and leaves husband Randy and 4 children.  I have been trying to keep busy but work has been slim pickings.  Your continued prayers concerning this are appreciated.  We got all the hay hauled in so the cows won't go hungry at least.

September 25th - Well, the weather is sure fickle here in North Dakota!  95 above 2 weeks ago and now for a week it has been highs in the 50's and windy!  Everyone is doing good although Janice went to Rochester for some tests on her pancreas so please keep her and Ross in you prayers.  David continues to heal!  I started working part time at Cloverdale Foods (were i had worked before for those that remember) and it should last 3-4 months and who knows, maybe more!  God is good!