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Dates to remember for October - 11th  Jasper is 8 - 23rd Anita is 34 - 24th Gramma Lou is 61 - 25th Jonathan is 29

October 1st - It was Awana again last night and Alex passed his gate test for Sparks!   He was so excited to get his new book and vest.

October 4th - we had a rainy weekend but still managed to do a lot! On Friday I led praise and worship at the annual Steer Inc. men's luncheon.  Steer is an organization that steer's money to missions by using steers!  Had the privilege of hearing Dr Raleigh Washington VP of Reconciliation with Promise Keepers speak at the luncheon and then again that evening as brother-in-law John and I went down for the evening session.   On Saturday we went with grandpa Ross and grandma Janice up to the Makoti Threshing Show! Quite an event with many steam powered tractors and horse pulling and actual threshing going on.  Lots of antiques of all kinds.  It was wet and cold but we had fun anyway!  Today went to church and spent a rainy day in the house.

October 8th - Yesterday we had the kids school pictures taken!  It was also cousin Mandy's birthday and last night was Awana so it was a big day!  We have been having a big week also as we celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles (or booths).   We are going to our good friends the Daniel's tonight for some more celebrating!  If the weather clears up (it has been wet and cold) we will setup our tent (that will be our booth) and eat supper and sleep in it.

October 9th - the Daniel's had a booth setup on their deck.  We sang - prayed and ate supper.

October 12th - Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadians!  Yesterday was Jasper's birthday.  We took Madison to church with us and he spent the whole day with Jasper.   Had a rainy weekend so no tent was setup.  Talked to Anita and she is doing good!  I will be taking Alex to see her probably the last weekend of October.

October 15th - School pictures are in!  Check them out on the school pictures page.  Bought Buzz a pair of head set walkie-talkies for his birthday.

October 19th - Busy weekend!  We had Nick & Holly and family out for our Sabbath meal.  Alex spent Saturday with our friends the Dooleys (he and Anita had stayed with them for a week after the time we spent at the lake with them) and enjoyed himself.  I helped Nick get his Bronco tuned up - painted the boys bunks (finally!) sprayed for box-elder bugs (anyone who knows what good those things are PLEASE TELL ME!) hauled in some hay and helped round up calves.  Buzz went to Bismarck with John & Darcy on Saturday to the big gun show.  Other than that it was pretty boring!

October 26th - Had a big weekend (again!) Anita came down on Friday and we had a birthday party for her.  On Saturday Anita and Alex spent the day together and the rest of us came to a Home School seminar put on by Diana Waring - check her web page out here and it was very encouraging and informative!  Anita left after church on Sunday.  She is doing very good (and looking good too!).